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Welcome to teraPhone the unique application designed by the teraPhone team for mobile android application users to have more control with easy to use application. Some features of the teraPhone applications are introduced as follow:

SMS Manager: Puts a complete control over your Incoming and Outgoing SMS.

SMS Forwarding: Gives you the option to enable or disable forwarding of your incoming SMS and also to select the type of sender that you like your messages forwarded from to a specific pre-set destination email or mobile number.
  Call Forwarding: is similar to SMS Forwarding designed for forwarding voice calls. Calls can be set up to be forwarded to your preferred destination telephone programmed in the application to either fixed or mobile telephone. Enabling and disabling can be done remotely by sending the proper call forwarding activation command by SMS along with proper password to your mobile. You also can pre-set the time you like to have your calls forwarded.

   SMS Filtering: This feature is designed with Anti-Spam control for those Annoying, Advertising, Spam and other unwanted or repeated messages. You can stop spam messages by entering certain Spam keywords or advertising telephone numbers and also you can select a group of words or telephone numbers, once selected and set, the SMS Manager will block it. If Privacy for incoming SMS is needed, teraPhone has created a private access location to save your private messages that only can be accessed by using secured password.

Call Answering: is implemented with a traditional of an answering machine you have the option to screen or answer your calls, set the type of callers you want to have the answering machine respond to and the most important you can have your unanswered callers to be sent to you to your email.

Mobile Locator: is an option that helps you FIND your mobile phone in case it is misplaced and it was set to silent and your ring is disabled.

Protection: is a feature designed to for you to customize the use of the mobile phone equipped with teraPhone android either by employees, teenagers or special users that require having their mobile controlled. For example parents can control the mobile of their children or companies can control the use of the mobile of their employees in order to limit or minimize mobile charges or to restrict users to call or receive job related calls. Parents or Companies can tailor this option to their needs since this option can control incoming, outgoing, Internet usage, blue tooth and camera usage. In this features you can also locate the Last GPS data position of the mobile phone similar to the feature used in Mobile Locator feature.

Scouting: is an feature lets you track your phone in case it is lost or stolen.

Remote Access: contains the list of commands that are used with teraPhone application with enable and Disable mode set up. Also the type of telephone numbers of callers that are allowed to remotely access your mobile.

This software is designed with multiple applications that can be used and set up for individual daily needs. Users can download the main application that is active and it is a free version. For customers interested into this application can download the fully operational Free version and if they like it and interested, they can download the Pro version with a charge.

Install and ... Enjoy

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